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Maximize the security posture of your McAfee® assets with NwTech Consulting Services. Our experts will assist with the Deployment & Management of your McAfee Endpoint solutions, so that they are optimized to address the specific requirements of your infrastructure. With a high number of IT projects failing to meet the objectives of their initial scope, our McAfee Certified Engineers will reduce the risks associated with a new deployment and helps you get the most out of your investment in your McAfee solutions.

The Importance Of Upgrading To McAfee ENS

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already made plans to migrate to McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) soon, you should. But don’t just take our word for it.


See what other McAfee customers say below about why they migrated their endpoint protection to McAfee ENS and what types of benefits they are experiencing. Their main reasons for migrating vary but generally fall into four categories: better performance and user experience, easier management and administrative time savings, improved threat protection, and better positioning for the future. Our McAfee Certified Engineers have been trained at McAfee and have assisted in numerous deployments (see below customer list). Your infrastructure will be in capable hands, and you will receive an optimal solution for your needs. Our engineers are backed by the entire McAfee organization, with quick access to product developers, experts in our support organization, and other experts around the world who have had experience with similar deployments.

“When we started deploying [McAfee] ENS to our customers, the calls on our scan day stopped…The customer experience, which is really our end game, has just been dramatically improved. We can take problematic users or users that have impacts from the old legacy scans and each one of them comes out [of the migration to ENS] with a positive comment and a positive experience.”
– Chris T., Security Engineer, Large Insurance Company

“[McAfee ENS] has improved the computing experience of our end users. [It] takes less resources to run and is less interfering with normal business operations …we are very happy with it.” – Harry Folloder, Chief Information Officer, Advantage Waypoint

“[Why did we migrate?] Primarily performance. [McAfee] Endpoint 10 has been heavily marketed as being a lot faster… Our testing definitely validated that is was a lot faster.” – Dwayne Cyr, Senior Cyber Security Manager, Textron

“There were quite a few instances in our environment of ransomware that no longer exist. I’d say that’s easily 40 hours [saved] every two weeks.”
– Edwin Drayden, Director of IT Infrastructure, HollyFrontier

Detailed Project Scope - Before We Start Your Project

McAfee Endpoint Protection to ENS  
Custom Policy review and creation
Implementing of best practices
Review and Reviews to match legal requirement
Advise on weak points on policy
Advise on changes to meet legal compliance
EPO Reporting integration 

Exceeding Expectations + Budget Friendly

Our job is to give you the confidence that your organization is leveraging the most of our McAfee assets, that your ENS is optimized and configured with the latest updates, and best practices – while reducing overall management costs and saving you time.

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