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DarkTrace For 2021

Cyber AI for SaaS: Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System learns the unique ‘patterns of life’ of your entire workforce, providing visibility and protection across SaaS environments and beyond.

Cyber AI Security for Email

94% of advanced email attacks get through standard email security filters.

Stop advanced spear phishing and business email compromise with AI that understands your organization – and detects the most advanced email threats, from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.

Cloud & SaaS Security

Organizations moving to the cloud face new risks – from compromised credentials and malicious insiders, to simple misconfigurations exposing sensitive data.

While traditional defenses in this area introduce new forms of complexity and fail to spot subtle attacks, Darktrace’s Cyber AI platform delivers unified and seamless coverage that discovers, interrupts, and investigates threats in the cloud that other tools miss.

Self-Learning Cyber AI

Darktrace learns the unique ‘DNA’ of your organization – without making assumptions or using fixed baselines. Powered by unsupervised machine learning, the Enterprise Immune System detects cyber-threats that others miss, from zero-days and insider threats, through to email attacks, cloud vulnerabilities and ransomware.

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