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World -Leading Cyber AI

DarkTrace Case Studies

Pacific Dental Services

Hear from Nemi George, Senior Director of Information Security at Pacific Dental Services discuss how Darktrace’s cyber AI defends its network from the inside out.

Customer Insights: Self-Learning Cyber Defense

Hear how the Enterprise Immune System is used at first hand – Darktrace customers reveal the benefits of self-learning defense technology.

King’s Hawaiian

King’s Hawaiian, world famous for its Hawaiian sweet rolls, turned to Darktrace AI to secure its complex digital ecosystem and manufacturing floor from advanced cyber-threats. Learn how Darktrace’s Cyber AI is able to detect and respond to the earliest signs of cyber-attack regardless of where they emerge across the expansive organization – keeping the brand’s IP secure and the production facilities operational.

Salve Regina University

As a leading institute in higher education, Salve Regina University needed a cyber technology that could keep student and university data secure, while still enabling the free flow of information on campus. Learn how Darktrace cyber AI has allowed the university to meet this challenge head on, and how its team relies on Antigena to fight back against threats before they can do damage.

Global Travel

Global Travel is a Singapore-based travel management company which provides end-to-end solutions for both business and leisure clients. Deploying Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System, Antigena Email and Antigena Network, Global Travel can protect its employee and customer data from phishing attacks, unauthorized data exfiltration and insider threat, with enterprise-wide coverage and visibility.

Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation

Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation is a Michigan based turn-key supplier of paint finishing systems, commercial HVAC, and mechanical automotive systems. Hear from Rick Bertoncin, Director of Technology and Security: “I truly think everybody should have artificial intelligence as part of their arsenal in cyber security.”


“We can’t have humans fighting the bad guys all the time, they just move too fast. We need help from AI in order prioritize, identify threats, and provide context around those threats in our networks. Ultimately, Darktrace AI can cut down the amount of time that we spend responding to breaches.” Hear from Matt Wood, Global Information Security Manager at Trek Bikes, on the benefits of Darktrace’s AI for cyber defense.


Greg DeBrecourt, Cybersecurity Manager at AeroVironment, discusses how Darktrace Cyber AI provides total visibility into the company’s infrastructure. Darktrace is the “extra set of eyes” that allows the team to continuously monitor its digital estate, including data transfers and user activity.

Wind Creek Hospitality

With more than 10 gaming properties across the United States, learn how Wind Creek Hospitality relies on Darktrace AI to identify and contain emerging vulnerabilities and cyber-threats to each location. With a diverse and complex digital environment, Darktrace’s cyber AI is able to learn and understand the pattern of life for the entire enterprise – all without human tuning or configuration.


“The bad guys are already using AI to devise spear phishing attacks. It’s a cyber war.” Learn how Hydrotech, a leading industrial technology provider, uses Darktrace’s Cyber AI to fight back against sophisticated threats to its cloud and SaaS environments.

eBay Classifieds Group

“The ability to see and take action is key, which is why we are so excited about the Antigena capability that Darktrace has.” Hear from James Bynoe, Head of Cyber & Information Security from eBay Classified, on how Darktrace’s AI for cyber can raise the bar and help small teams’ performance “by having artificial intelligence as a component of your overall program”.


In an effort to protect its foundational intellectual property as well as its sensitive customer, employee, and partner information, Aqua-Leisure deployed Darktrace’s self-learning technology. According to Leonard Galinsky, Director of IT for Aqua-Leisure, “Darktrace has allowed us to gain unprecedented insight.”

DarkTrace Data Sheets

Antigena Email: Product Brief


Cyber AI for Cloud & SaaS: Product Brief


Antigena Email: Social Engineering & Solicitation


Darktrace Cyber AI: Compromised SaaS Credentials


Threat Discovery: Ransomware


Email Security for the Legal Sector


2020 Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Financial Services


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Legal


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Retail & e-Commerce


Darktrace and SIEMs


Why the Industrial Immune System?


Using Darktrace Cyber AI to Support CCPA Requirements


Enterprise Immune System: Product Brief


Workforce Proof of Value


Antigena Email: Supply Chain Account Takeover


Darktrace Cyber AI: Malicious SaaS Administrator


Proof of Value: Darktrace Cyber AI for Cloud & SaaS


Protecting Hospital Infrastructures From Computer-Speed Cyber-Attacks


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Government & Defense


2020 Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Technology


Darktrace Open Architecture: Plugging Cyber AI Into Your Digital Ecosystem


Cyber AI for the Public Sector


Darktrace Cyber AI: Cloud Misconfigurations


Darktrace Analyst Services


Antigena Email: Spear Phishing & Payload Delivery


Darktrace Cyber AI: Compromised Email Credentials


Link Spoofing Attack


Darktrace Sensors & Modules: Protecting the Dynamic Workforce


2020 Industry Spotlight: Energy and Utilities


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Healthcare & Pharma


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Media & Entertainment


Industry Spotlight: Cyber Defense for Oil & Gas


Darktrace Industrial Immune System


Cyber AI for Municipalities


DarkTrace White Papers


Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst: Augmenting Your Security Team with AI-driven Investigations

This white paper examines the technology and design principles behind Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst, a groundbreaking innovation that automates threat investigations at speed and scale.


How Darktrace Can Complement Industrial OEMs

Securing OEM networks involves challenges that require a solution that goes beyond securing specific OEM products in isolation. By providing full visibility, AI investigations, continuous detection and, where appropriate, autonomous response, self-learning AI complements static OEM security with adaptive defense capabilities.


Darktrace Immune System: Self-Learning Detection & Response

This white paper investigates how a unified approach to threat detection and response enables the Darktrace Immune System to neutralize advanced threats that other tools miss.


Machine Learning in the Age of Cyber AI

This white paper explains Darktrace’s approach to machine learning and shines a light on the unique interplay between unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, and deep learning behind the world’s leading cyber AI technology.


Cyber AI for SaaS Security: Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce

This white paper explores eight case studies of threats the Cyber AI Platform identified in SaaS environments. In every case, the threatening activity evaded static defenses, but thanks to Darktrace, was contained and actioned well before it could escalate into a crisis.

DarkTrace For 2024

How AI Defends Critical Infrastructure From Ransomware

The attached data sheet provides an overview of how the Darktrace immune system detects, responds, and investigates to ransomware attacks at machine speed for your customers. 

Ransomware AI.png

As ransomware attacks become increasingly professional and pervasive, organizations continue to be caught off guard. Autonomous Response is the only technology that stops ransomware at machine speed, without disrupting normal business operations.

The sheer speed at which ransomware spreads through an organization forces security teams to take drastic and heavy-handed action to stop the threat – often with broad-ranging and serious implications.

Cyber AI is the only technology in the world that autonomously fights ransomware – without disrupting normal business operations.

Cyber AI for SaaS: Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System learns the unique ‘patterns of life’ of your entire workforce, providing visibility and protection across SaaS environments and beyond.


Cyber AI Security for Email

94% of advanced email attacks get through standard email security filters.

Stop advanced spear phishing and business email compromise with AI that understands your organization – and detects the most advanced email threats, from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.

Cloud & SaaS Security

Organizations moving to the cloud face new risks – from compromised credentials and malicious insiders, to simple misconfigurations exposing sensitive data.

Digital Work Force

While traditional defenses in this area introduce new forms of complexity and fail to spot subtle attacks, Darktrace’s Cyber AI platform delivers unified and seamless coverage that discovers, interrupts, and investigates threats in the cloud that other tools miss.

Self-Learning Cyber AI

Darktrace learns the unique ‘DNA’ of your organization – without making assumptions or using fixed baselines. Powered by unsupervised machine learning, the Enterprise Immune System detects cyber-threats that others miss, from zero-days and insider threats, through to email attacks, cloud vulnerabilities and ransomware.

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