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Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS)

Future-proof your defenses and build resilience with intelligent endpoint protection

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Supporting Trellix Security Customers for over 15 years

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End-to-end integrated security for every endpoint

Protect and empower your workforce with an integrated security framework that protects every endpoint. Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) solutions apply proactive threat intelligence and defenses across the entire attack lifecycle to keep your organization safer and more resilient.

Proactive and intelligent endpoint protection and XDR

Keep your endpoints secure in today’s dynamic threat landscape. Explore how our integrated suite of endpoint protection technologies gives you the power of actionable intelligence, machine learning, and more to help you continuously monitor threats and avert attacks.

Proactive and intelligent endpoint protection and XDR

Proactively protect every endpoint

Take a proactive approach by minimizing your attack surface and maximizing your ability to stop incidents before they start.

Prevent ransomware and other advanced threats

Protect against emerging and advanced threats while securing your remote workforce with powerful, near-real-time threat detection and response.

Easily scale and manage all your endpoints

Simplify and streamline your security effectiveness with a centralized console that spans hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Solution brief: Trellix Endpoint Protection Platform

Ready to accelerate threat detection and response? See how Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) solutions give your analysts the context, visibility, and capabilities to uncover, investigate, and act on threats with increased speed and accuracy.

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