Endpoint Security Cloud 

The easiest way to protect your business, without sacrificing your IT resources, time, or budget.

Compare Cloud and Cloud Plus Features

Product Features
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus
Security features

File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection

Ransomware and Exploit prevention


Network Attack Blocker

Vulnerability Scan 

Mobile protection

Two mobile licenses per user

Two mobile licenses per user

Cloud Discovery

Manageability features

Cloud Blocking

Security for Microsoft Office 365

Web Control

Device Control

Encryption management

Patch management

Prevent threats and keep your business running

  • Endpoint protection from the most tested, most awarded security vendor

  • Protect Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS workstations, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

  • Secure Microsoft Office 365 communication and collaboration

Compensate for lack of IT resources and budget

  • Hosted in the cloud. No need for hardware and software procurement, provisioning and maintenance

  • Instant protection with pre-defined security policies developed by our professionals

  • Available on a monthly subscription to free up financial resources

Gain cloud visibility

  • Shadow IT discovery to reveal uncontrolled sharing of corporate data in the cloud as well as users wasting time on social media and messengers.

  • Block user access to unnecessary or unauthorized cloud resources, keeping your data secure and your colleagues focused and productive.

Product Showcase

How to protect your company's devices in minutes

How to configure advanced protection

How to discover and block unwanted cloud service usage

Customer Reviews

Marie-Anne Delbourg

Primary School Principal, Ecole Saint-Benoist de l’Europe

The option selected by Weodeo in terms of securing our IT infrastructure gives me peace of mind. The Kaspersky solution enables me to focus on my job because the solution is fluid, straightforward and remotely managed through the cloud

Guillaume Gérard

Head of IT, AMISEP

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud offers the major advantage of not requiring additional hardware infrastructure to be installed, because everything is managed in the cloud.

Martin Maleshyn


With this in mind the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud solution fits the bill perfectly, both for my own business’s requirements and for our customers. It delivers the best of Kaspersky’s expertise and technology, without requiring the time and resources that smaller businesses just don’t have.

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