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Skyhigh Security Services & Solutions

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NwTech Skyhigh Security Professional Services

Skyhigh Security
ePO Consulting

Our Offerings

Skyhigh Security Consulting Services, delivered by security experts, provides a wide range of solutions as well as Advanced Cyber Threat Services that are both designed around all stages of the security lifecycle. With our consulting services portfolio, we help enable you to gain more expertise, improve your efficiency, and strengthen your security posture and cyber resilience. Choose from a variety of services, designed to span all enterprises, to get the most from your Skyhigh Security solutions and improve your security outcomes.


Skyhigh Security Certified Engineers have been trained by Skyhigh Security and have completed over 100+ deployments (see below customer list). Your Skyhigh Security project will be in capable hands, first of all, you will have a dedicated engineer, who will reach out to you to schedule a consultation call, after you complete the below inquiry form. Next, we will provide you with an initial assessment, ahead of a formal commitment by your organization. Lastly, we will provide you with a detailed statement of work, formal quotation for services, and a timeline for implementing your specific requests.

The Process

The Process: Our Skyhigh Security certified technicians access your environment via a remote connection and work to optimize, tune and maintain your solutions, this session takes just under an hour. We then present and provide you with a detailed report that includes in-depth diagnostics of current health, a summary of maintenance actions, threat analysis, and overall security recommendations.

Exceeding Expectations

Our job is to give you the confidence that your organization is protected and your Skyhigh Security solutions are optimized and configured with the latest updates, signatures and best practices - while reducing overall management costs and saving you time.

Detailed Statement of Work

Health Check
Version Upgrades
Hardware Upgrades

ePO Migration 5.10.0

Custom Policy review and creation
Implementing of best practices

Review of Group Policies
High Availability Implementation
Advise on changes to meet legal compliance
EPO Reporting integration
Knowledge Transfer

Budget Friendly

Our number one job, is to meet or exceed your expectations, but we also understand that you may have budgetary restraints that impact your ability to commit to any specific project. As an authorized Skyhigh Security Partner, we are in the unique position to offer you services and experience on par or exceeding that of the manufacturer, in many cases for about half what you would pay if you purchased similar services from them. In addition, we will provide you with a dedicated technical resource, during the duration of your project, and in many cases, we can start your project within 1-2 weeks, vs, 6-8 weeks with the manufacturer.

Skyhigh Security Services & Solutions

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